Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Exhibition Submissions

I am a member of the NZ Flickr Meetup Group an internet based group of photographers who meet up from time to time for the purpose of photography. The group is planning an exhibition as part of the Auckland Festival of Photography and were recently accepting submissions from the members. Judging for acceptance into the exhibition will be taking place tonight - or at least starting tonight.

Full details can be found here, but in short the brief was:

We want you to show us your passion; what makes you a photographer? What makes you a part of this group? Show us your passion and what it means to be a photographer as a part of NZFM. It’ll be a very personal experience for each of us and what’s important to you may well vary from everyone else.... That’s precisely what we want to capture.
The exhibition brief comprises two parts; your image or images as well as a written statement.

I submitted one image for the print category:

Getting Ready“Theatre photography holds a special place in my heart and this image is one of my favourites. A candid shot taken backstage during a performance of "La Cage Aux Folles", which I had a part in, it shows an actor preparing for their next scene.
In some ways this is simply a documentary recording of a particular person, time and place, but for me it is, at the same time, a representation of any actor, it could be any theatre anywhere and at any time. It is an intimate view into a world that I enjoy and which, through my photography, I would like to share with others.”

And three in the digital category:

20080903-DSC_9673“Theatre photography holds a special place in my heart. Capturing a live performance (these are all taken during dress rehearsals) presents a particular set of technical challenges. While there is often a huge contrast range, the light can change in an instant and the overall illumination levels are often quite low. Technicalities aside, capturing the right moment is critical, a fraction of a second often means the difference between a hit and a miss. But every now and then you get one where the lighting, the performer, DSC_8660your inputs and the moment come together and catch a little bit of the magic and wonder of theatre. These three images, from three different shows, are ones that I was thrilled to have captured.”

I don’t know yet whether they will be accepted or not, but you can be sure that the blog will be updated once the results are in.

Nunsense Selection #3